Working with Magento

Online business is increasingly expanding. The global economy’s capacity to distribute goods worldwide means unprecedented choice for consumers. With online shopping continuing to grow in popularity, implementing the correct eCommerce solution for your business can be very lucrative. ECommerce also allows for the organization, distribution and keyword optimization of your products. So, along with categorization options, you can actively update your product descriptions for the best search engine optimization exposure. While numerous eCommerce software solutions are available on the market today, Magento has risen to become the most popular standalone eCommerce platform in the entire world.

Magento eCommerce

Detroit Businesses and Magento

When compared to similar eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify, Magento dwarves them all in terms of versatility. Along with being the most popular standalone eCommcerce platform, Magento sets the bar regarding customizability. Out-of-the-box, Magento boasts more features than any competitor. Users have access to tens of thousands of free and paid plugins that strengthen and broaden the functionality of their websites. Speaking of free, Magento is open-source with a great community backing. The eCommerce software’s strong and active community means users can get practical answers from Magento forums or on Stack Exchange. All this is available without the need for an additional platform, as in the case of WooCommerce, which requires WordPress.

Magento is all about maximizing simplicity of users’ experiences. While other eCommerce solutions and Content Management Systems, like Drupal, Sitefinity and Joomla, incorporate multiple elements, Magento is solely dedicated to eCommerce. Specializing in one area allows Magento to correct even the finest kinks. If you elect to use the open-source eCommerce software provided by Magento, not only will you have access to the best software, it will come at virtually no cost to you. Other than hosting costs, the only time you will be asked to complete a transaction is if you download a paid plugin or theme. This means skipping the hassle of paying monthly rates.

What Magento Can Do for Your Detroit Business

In terms of practicality, Magento has a wide range of applications. The online shopping software’s unrivaled product attribute feature expedites the process of establishing an online catalog. Users can now have all product variations, such as color, size, material, etc., programmed into their online shopping carts with ease. For businesses with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of SKUs, this can save valuable time and man-hours. Readily available plugins also allow Magento online shopping carts to be as unique as the business they serve.

While Magento is fairly user-friendly, the more intricate aspects are best left to professionals. If you wish to modify Magento or its add-ons with custom code, then the assistance of experienced developers and designers should be enlisted. The same can be said when adding the product descriptions to items. You may just want to throw relevant words into the description box, but doing so can negatively impact SEO value. Creating a search engine optimized site takes ample time and detailed planning. Careful research must be conducted then correctly implemented. Rushing into these elements may inhibit your website and its ability to generate revenue, which can be detrimental.

Magento is one of the most viable eCommerce solutions available today. Upon installation, users are greeted with an accommodating experience that allows them to construct their online shopping cart in record time. An engaged user-base means allows for responses to questions of any magnitude. The eCommerce software’s potential to be continuously reshaped fosters creativity in the minds of all that use it. Best of all, the features offered by Magento come at reasonable prices. The culmination of all these elements makes Magento a great fit for any size business looking to create or further develop their eCommerce presence.

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