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Website Content Checklist

When designing a website, we like to get a feel for what you want, what you like and what you don’t like. Here is a short questionnaire and a list of things to consider that would help us along they to designing and developing your website! If you’d like to fill out this form online and submit it to us, just click here.

  • Client:
  • Project:
  • Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Date:
  • Timeline:
  • Estimated Budget:
  • Email Address:

Your Current Web Configuration and Set-Up

  1. Do you have a web server already?
  2. What code can be written on it? PHP, ASP, JSP, PYTHON
  3. What operating system is it running on?
  4. Do you have control over the settings? If not, who does?
  5. Do you have custom code that you wish to retain, or that you would not be willing to translate into a new programming language?
  6. Will you be willing to run your website on a server that uses a different programming language?
  7. Do you have a secure environment that will not permit our developers direct access to your site?

Questions That Will Help Us Recreate a “Requirements Document” for the New Website

Please help us determine your requirements by checking the items below that you would like to consider as being a part of your new site. This is an extensive list that is meant to create dialogue and insure that no items are left undiscovered. Few clients check more than a dozen or so items, but it is important that you consider “everything” before we get started:

Design Questions

Do you have a Brand Manual/Style Guide?

Are there any restrictions regarding use of your logo? If so, what are they?

What do you like the most of your current website? What don’t you like?

What do you like most about your competitors websites?

Why are you redesigning/designing a website? (Ex: improve aesthetics, increase brand awareness, etc.)

Please list 3-4 websites that you like (for any reason) and why you like them:

Can you provide images for use on the site? Do you have permissions/licenses to use those images?

Do you have any social media accounts? If yes, list them here:

Will you require a quote or contact form on your site? If yes, please describe:

Would you like for your website to include a homepage image slider?
If yes, what kind?

  • Static panorama image
  • Static panorama image w/ text
  • Panorama image slideshow
  • Panorama image slideshow w/ text

Please provide the following items (if available):


Brand Assets
(Brand Manual or Style Guide)
  • Brand Manual or Style Guide document (if available)
  • High resolution logo files (outlines, .AI, .EPS, high res .JPEG, any other related design files)
  • Brand Fonts
  • Brand Colors (pantone or hex)
  • Any existing marking material
  • Examples of letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and any other branded stationary


Photos and graphics
  • Permissions and Licenses for all images
  • Original image files (please note pixel dimensions)


Home Page Options
  • Photo Header
  • What’s New Box/Section
  • Advertising Banners
  • News / Specials
  • Coupons
  • Search Box
  • Categories / Tabs


Design Options
  • Drop Down Find Feature
  • Tabs At Top or Side
  • Icon Buttons
  • Contact Info (phone & email)
  • Email Capture
  • “Contact Us” box
  • Text Copy on Home Page OK?
  • Tell A Friend
  • Banner Rotation System
  • Sitemap
  • Content Management System


Security Options, if Applicable
  • Password Protection / Members Only
  • Hacker Safe/McAfee add-on


Shopping Cart Options, If Applicable
  • Shipping Info
  • Email a Friend
  • Related Product Feature
  • Product Suggestion
  • Member/User Management
  • Rating System
  • SSL Certificate
  • Existing Merchant Account?


Web 2.0 Options, If Applicable
  • RSS
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email Newsletter Template Design


Video/Audio Options, if Applicable
  • Animation
  • On-line Video / Movie
  • Flash Animation
  • Online Photo Gallery
  • Photo Slide Show
  • Audio
  • Pod casting with Integrated Player
  • Videos


Optional Features
  • Guestbook
  • Optimized Content (SEO)
  • Online Poll / Questionnaire
  • Financial Calculators Suite
  • Newsletter Signup or Catalog Signup
  • Online Newsletter (need database option too)
  • Events Calendar (Dynamic or Static) (editable by client)
  • Online Message Boards
  • Article Management System
  • Blog (with or without clients)
  • Pop Up/Under
  • Directory of (could be anything)
  • E-Learning (online courses)
  • File Sharing / Extranet
  • Forum
  • Google Site Map Generator
  • Interactive map with Selected Places
  • Downloadable Content (Brochure / PDF)
  • Lesson/Appointment Setup
  • Maps
  • List Server (for group email communication)
  • Location Locater / Zip Code Finder
  • Mobile Browsing (for cell phones)
  • Online applications (employment or interest forms)
  • Live Chat
  • Real-Time Weather
  • Stock Images
  • Client Supplied Photography

Thank you for completing this checklist. Please email to Detroit Website Design, or fax to: (248) 637-5984.
Alternatively, you can use the web form version of this checklist.

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