Questions To Ask

Questions to Ask a Website Design Company

How do you know what questions to ask? How do you know what each party needs? We have compiled the most common questions asked by our clients and ourselves.
  1. Who will be working on your project?
    • Are they on staff or freelance?
    • How long have they been with the web firm?
    • Do the developers specialize? (We have designers and developers with extensive experience in a multitude of web application needs, such as CMS, e-commerce and collaboration software, as well as custom applications, a programmer and other specialists on staff.)
    • Are they mobile capable?
    • Are their staff SEO and social media minded in their application development?
    • Do they build apps?
  2. When will your project be finished?
    • Project date?
    • Drop-dead date?
  3. What do their other sites look like?
    • Did they actually create the whole site?
    • When was it done?
    • Can references be provided?
  4. What do they program in?
    • ASP? PHP? Other?
    • Cascading style sheets or tables?
    • Are they up to date on the recent technology such as HTML5?
  5. Are they familiar with Google SEO objectives?
    • If so, ask them the top three? (Hint: title tags, content, in-bound links.)
  6. Do they provide news content writing and/or analytics research?
  7. How do they guarantee their work?
    • For how long?
    • What is their response time for problems?

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