Detroit Website Design Attends the 2018 Transformation Day Detroit AWS Summit

Of the three largest cloud computing services on the market today, Amazon arguably has the largest footprint. It’s not as rare as you would think for even small- to medium-sized businesses to host their sites directly on the AWS (though you might want to look for a smaller, responsive hosting service).

That being said, it’s no surprise to find our team at the 2018 Detroit AWS Summit, making sure that we stay abreast of the best technologies for your eCommerce carts and enterprise websites!

The event was perfect for our IT management, who are always looking for better ways to create sustainable growth and maintain competitive advantages in a competitive digital environment.

Transformation development was a key theme at AWS Detroit this year, as well as agile models in design agencies.

As an agile developer, it’s key to automate, eliminate handing tasks from player-to-player and to establish principles that govern the decisions made by employees.

Think of it this way: it’s not efficient from a business stand point to constantly have upper management govern the way that employees make decisions.

If you put in place universal principles that clearly define the ethos of your company, your employees know they can make the same decisions that key managers would make in their shoes. That’s efficiency.

If we had one major takeaway theme from Transformation Day 2018, it would be this: put measures in place to immediately jump on the concepts that work. In other words, be a nimble company.

Keynote speakers also offered key insights into transforming IT departments into hubs where innovation happens, not centers where tasks are implemented.

It’s key to help your team members own what they create and to create products that they are proud to own.

We learned a ton from this conference. Plus, the food was great.

Were you at the Transformation Day AWS Summit 2018? What were your favorite takeaways?