Free Website Financing

Free Website Financing

Historically there have not been many choices in paying for website design. I would suggest these three:

  1. Build Your Own Website For Free: GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Yahoo!,, 1&,,,
  2. Pay For The Website At Contracting: Typically pay half down and the balance upon delivery.
  3. Cosmetic Changes To Update: Add a new skin where possible, but navigation remains the same with little improvement in the user experience.

There are also a few website design companies that are offering to build you a new website and will finance it for you over a year generally. I know of two:

  1. Offering a site and software for your own use in SEO and SEM.
  2. Offering a custom site and SEO and SEM services after the site is completed.

We expect that there will be more website design companies pursuing this model as the website design building business matures, and more and more larger website design companies establish themselves and are big enough to be able to afford financing new customers.  It’s really a win-win for the customer and website design company, as both get what they want and move forward with their businesses.

With all “free” website design companies there are often some negatives, so be sure to read the FAQs so that you are not sorry in the long-run.  A couple of negatives to watch out for:


Site Ownership:  Who owns the website?  If you don’t you need to calculate whether this is smart for your business over the long-run.


Domain Ownership:  Who owns the domain?  This is obviously key.  If you don’t own your domain you are putting forth time and effort that might evaporate when you leave this free website design builder.


Email:  Does the free website offer email?  If so, what is the address?  Is it yours, or theirs?  This makes a difference going forward.  Again, you don’t want to have to change your email address if you should decide to not use this free website designer at some point in the future.


Custom Design:  Are you getting a unique site built to your specs or are you using standard building-blocks that are available for anyone else to use too.  If custom design is not import to you, then this will not matter.  If you need a shopping cart, or online ticketing, or other special features, find out if the free website will be able to offer them to you.

I hope that this provides you a good starting point for determining what will work best for you and your business.  Here’s to a great site!

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