How to get a deal on a new website.

When you do your research, if you haven’t already, you will find that there are a number of fairly big players offering you “free” websites. The vast majority of these “free” websites come with strings attached, such as never owning the website’s address or domain… We have written other papers on this and you will find our research here. But as you’ll soon learn, the vast majority of these “free” websites come with strings attached, such as never owning the website’s address or domain. This is a killer because that is the address that you will be spending a lot of money on to establish your brand with search engines like Google. With these web builders they keep the domain and you actually rent it from them. You will find other variations of this, but, let’s face it, there is no free lunch and this is further proof of it.


Another approach is to deeply discount the original website build in exchange for a commitment for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, such as Paid Search advertising on Google AdWords.

With this plan you get your new website with no money down…just 12 installments. You might argue, “Well that really isn’t a free website,” but it really is, because you haven’t had to dip into your cash flow at all, and you will need to perform monthly SEO functions anyway to get the site to Page One of Google, or as close to Page One as possible for a myriad of keywords.


The hammer that website development companies such as have is that they keep the copyright for the new site until all 12 installments are paid. There is generally no contract so you can stop paying if you don’t like what you see, or if you run out of money, but they keep the new site. This seems like a fair way of managing the equities in the situation. However, if you want to resurrect the site in the future, it will always be there.


Here’s another option: If you think that you can get by with just a new site and don’t want SEO and SEM as discussed above, look for a company that will allow you to pay over time and has a mechanism to sell you the site if you don’t want to pay their monthly hosting and management fees. Allowing you to pay a fixed sum to exit the arrangement and allow you to keep your new site AND your domain is critical to your success.


One arrangement is to let you buy the site after 12 months for a set fee, and this fee diminishes during every 12 month period. In this way, your site is protected and the web design company is protected too.


There are plenty of ways to get a new website for you and your business without upfronting all of the money. Look around. Do your “due diligence.” You’ll be on the Net with a new site in a few months.

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