Pay-As-You-Go Website Packages

For many businesses, the investment in a new website is cost prohibitive. We heard you and we came up with a plan that gives you a new website now (in the next 90 days), and allows you to pay for it over a year, interest-free. It’s our Pay-As-You-Go website package.

How do we do it? We package it with our popular SEO and Paid Search packages, which 95% of all businesses want anyway. We then set your business up on a 12-month payment plan, and at the end of 12 months we release the copyright on the website to you. You own it, you can host it wherever you wish and can change SEO and SEM partners at any time too.

Our company is large enough and experienced enough that we can eat the immediate payment, and receive enough compensation on the complete package. You get a top-drawer website with no big out-of-pocket costs up-front. It allows you to not tap your cash flow and smooth out your payments.

Most web designers are free-lance or work out of their home. They need to put food on the table, so they need to be paid on-half upon signing the contract and the balance upon delivery. This is the typical business model. Nothing wrong with it. We used to do it that way too, but we found it precluded many small to medium size businesses from getting the website help…today…that they really needed to battle their competitors.

We’re sure this payment plan will catch on at many other shops once they see how many clients are coming to us for their new website design. In the meantime, check out our site. Check out our packages and sign-up if it makes sense to you.

All commerce today is website-centered. Don’t miss out on your sales opportunities. Make sure your website is optimized for lead generation today. Whether you use us, or someone else, don’t procrastinate. Improve your website…and improve your sales!

Bob Ottaway is president and founder of, and a veteran advertising ambassador, having worked on tens of dozens of sites, campaigns and sales successes.

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